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Carolina Projects Management Enterprise, LLC.

CPM Enterprise, LLC has a professional team of construction project management and engineering service consultants with experience in construction claims analysis and delay or interruption issues.  


We aid customers in all nations to achieve project success by delivering the best processing solutions. We are eager about applying integrated, advanced solutions to our clients’ organizational strategic missions using dynamic and varied talents. 

Why CPM enterprise? 

As a project management company, we have the ability to bring business priorities from organizational process improvements to expert project management and strategy implementation services. We don’t just provide you a plan and walk away; our consultants assist you execute that plan from the initial to final stages and evaluate the outcomes to make sure the expected meets the actual results. Our goal is to help you get your strategy into an applied plan, with the methods and tools you need to accomplish your objectives and maintain performance after work’s completion. Moreover, We find prospects in complexity, turn hurdles into opportunities by exploring problems from different angles and find ways to overcome them, with a team of experts who strive to ensure the profitability of our projects, in addition to paying attention to safety and the environment. Our agents are equipped with the latest technology tools to provide optimal service for all of our clients. Our philosophy is to focus on eliminating those non-value-added processes and minimizing funds and effort to implement projects as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Director of Project Management

Mohamed ElFadaly

Mohamed is an expert in project management with over 6 years of experience during which he worked in over 25 projects with different methods of construction. he has a Bachelor degree in Construction and Building Engineering, Masters degree in Construction Engineering and Management and several certifications from OSHA,ACI and CII. Mohamed finds time management and organizational skills are essential to perform the work in a professional manner, indeed his goal is to be outgoing and engaging to develop excellent working relationship with customers, co-workers and stakeholders.

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