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Critical Path Method (CPM Scheduling)

Critical Path Method is a project management methodology that allows companies to expose all aspects of project scopes, needs, and required sequences and identify high-risk tasks before the project is constructed and potential problems are exposed too late.

The Critical Path Method (CPM) is a project scheduling technique used to identify the tasks and activities required to complete a project, As well as their sequence and duration. It is also used to determine the longest path to the completion of the project and the shortest amount of time needed to complete it. It allows project managers to identify the tasks and critical activities for the project completion and allocate resources accordingly. CPM can help project managers determine the earliest and latest possible starting and ending times for each activity and the potential effects of delays in individual activities on the overall project completion time, and to help project managers deliver their projects both on time and within budget.

*Our team utilizes Oracle Primavera P6® as well as Microsoft Project® and other needed software in order to construct, control, and analyze schedules throughout the lifetime of your project.

The primary reason for creating a CPM Schedule cost and resource loaded is to ensure that all tasks are completed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. It is also built to optimize the use of resources and to identify potential areas of risk.

The critical Path Method will guarantee Better Visibility/Control, Quality Assurance, Cost Savings, and Better Communication. 

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